Why is Alberta’s Carbon Price a Blessing in Disguise (Part I)


Part I: Making Alberta more competitive now and in the future

by: Mark Anielski and Krzysztof Palka

December 6, 2016

The introduction of Alberta’s carbon levy (not a tax per se) of $20/tonne CO2e in 2017 and rising to $30/tonne in 2018 is creating all kinds of anxiety and fears. Will the carbon levy, tax or price that is expected to raise almost $2 billion per annum be as scary and damaging to Alberta’s economy as some people believe?

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ATB Financial: Opportunities for Building a New Flourishing Economy of Well-being for Alberta

Today (October 27, 2016) Robert McGarvey and I were the guests of Ted Ritzer of the Government of Alberta on a province-wide Greening Government Speakers Series. We explored the potential for building a sustainable economy of well-being for Alberta by leveraging the hidden assets yet to be fully leveraged by ATB Financial, the most important public bank in North America.

ATB Financial: Opportunities for Building a New Flourishing Economy of Well-being for Alberta

Mark Anielski

November 15, 2016

ATB Financial is Alberta’s most important financial asset. Founded in 1938 under a Social Credit government during the Great Economic Depression ATB is North America’s most important public bank with over $47.673 billion in assets, 6 times larger than then the only other public bank in North America, the Bank of North Dakota and 3.6 times larger than Servus Credit Union in Alberta (with $14.2 billion in assets). What does it mean to have our own public bank?

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The real cost of eliminating poverty in 2016

What would it cost to eliminate poverty and ensure that each person on the planet enjoyed a ‘living wage’; enough income to meet their basic needs for a descent and good life?

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Why Albertans have a lot to be happy about: Let’s count our blessings

March 19, 2016

March 20th is world happbenjamin-franklin-and-happinessiness day. How happy are Albertans today?Should happiness be considered a proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy?

Or should a new economic paradigm based on well-being be the new goal for public policy and a new economic frontier for Alberta.

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Relationships key to a happy life

Relationships matter more to our happiness and well-being than money, education, genetics, and position in society. I have learned this from studies of well-being and happiness in small communities in Alberta including Leduc and Olds. Strong relationships translate into higher levels of trust and ultimately more resilient neighbouhoods and economies.

I believe a good life is a fine balance of happiness and sadness, with less time wasted on anger and worry and more time in loving relationships and hope. Continue reading

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