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I am an economic strategist and the author of the Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, a book that provides a roadmap to the new economy of well-being and a life of purpose and meaning.

Habitat for Humanity: Building Equity, Well-being and Interest-free Mortgage Living

July 9, 2017 (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) I’m a big fan of Habitat for Humanity. In my view, they are the only genuine affordable housing program which provides the benefit of zero-interest mortgage, mortgage payments that never exceed 25% of a … Continue reading

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What happened to our investment in the Great Canadian Oilsands? Now Suncor?

There is talk today about the future of Suncor and who should own Suncor shares, as shares are trading at $42.28 today (February 9, 2017), exceeding the $40/share highs of November 4, 2015, with dividend yields of 3.04%. As oil companies grapple … Continue reading

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Alberta is on its way to create a resilient economy

Alberta is on its way to create a resilient economy. MARK ANIELSKI and KRZYSZTOF PALKA Saturday, January 8, 2017 Good news for oil and gas rich Alberta. Having abundant, inexpensive and environmentally friendly energy will make any economy, future-proof, resilient and … Continue reading

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Why is Alberta’s Carbon Levy (‘tax’) a Blessing in Disguise

  Why is Alberta’s Carbon Levy (‘tax’) a Blessing in Disguise? Prepared by: Mark Anielski and Krzysztof Palka December 8, 2016 A Note to the Reader The following research paper was prepared by two independent Alberta economic and energy consultants, Mark Anielski … Continue reading

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ATB Financial: Opportunities for Building a New Flourishing Economy of Well-being for Alberta

Today (October 27, 2016) Robert McGarvey and I were the guests of Ted Ritzer of the Government of Alberta on a province-wide Greening Government Speakers Series. We explored the potential for building a sustainable economy of well-being for Alberta by … Continue reading

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