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I am an economic strategist and the author of the Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, a book that provides a roadmap to the new economy of well-being and a life of purpose and meaning.

The real cost of eliminating poverty in 2016

What would it cost to eliminate poverty and ensure that each person on the planet enjoyed a ‘living wage’; enough income to meet their basic needs for a descent and good life? First, the world’s leaders, along with the world’s … Continue reading

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Why Albertans have a lot to be happy about: Let’s count our blessings

March 19, 2016 Twitter March 19, 2016 March 20th is world happiness day. How happy are Albertans today given the depressed economic conditions we face? Should happiness be considered a proper measure of social progress and the goal of public … Continue reading

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Relationships key to a happy life

Relationships matter more to our happiness and well-being than money, education, genetics, and position in society. I have learned this from studies of well-being and happiness in small communities in Alberta including Leduc and Olds. Strong relationships translate into higher levels of … Continue reading

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The Cost of Unemployment and Suicide in Alberta

          Alberta’s Medical Examiner warned that suicides are expected to jump 30% in 2015 reaching 654 suicides. Prior to 2015 suicides average about 500 to 550 per year. That’s far more deaths than car crash fatalities … Continue reading

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Why Forests Matter: The Indigenomics of Forests

Here are the notes from last evening’s (November 4, 2015) Nature Conservancy of Canada forum on Why Forests Matter. Other speakers included Brian DePrato, economist with TD Bank, talking about natural capital, poet Lorna Crozier, Andrea Lyall (Aboriginal forester), Dr. … Continue reading

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