An economy of love

The Economy of Love

My vision for an economy of love may best be described as a genuine economy (economy comes from the Greek words oikos (household) nomia (stewardship)) that will replace the current economic system based on the lie of scarcity, GDP and profit maximization, the fear of tomorrow, debt-money, materialism/consumerism, and the love of money.

The new model — an economy of love — will be characterized as a flourishing economy of well-being, love and communion. This new model will be based on the truth of abundance of genuine wealth (defined in terms of ‘the conditions of well-being’ from the 13th Century Old English), the power of love, sufficiency of material needs, optimizing well-being returns on investment in human, social and natural capital, virtuous actions, reciprocity, genuine justice and genuine happiness (from the Greek eudaemonia which literally means ‘spiritual well-being.’

About Mark Anielski

I am an economist interested in genuine wealth and the author of the Economics of Happiness, a book that reveals how to use numbers to get at what's really important in life.
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