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Boreal forest said worth more than diamonds (Globe and Mail, January 31, 2007)

Report says ecological value of Arctic watershed greater than natural resources

(Oilweek Magazine, Calgary, January 30, 2007)


In 2011 I presented the economics of happiness story to a TEDx St. Albert event, October 19, 2011

In this interview carried out by Jon Cooksey the creator of the How to Boil a Frog film and website, Mark explains the concept of Genuine Wealth.

To get an idea of whether humanity is making “progress” or not, Mark has prepared Genunine Progress Indictors (GPI) for Alberta, the United States and the City of Edmonton. Here he discusses Edmonton’s GPI.

The University of Texas at El Paso welcomed Mark Anielski, president of Anielski Management Inc. and adjunct professor of the School of Business at the University of Alberta, as a speaker with UTEP’s Millennium Lecture Series during the spring 2010 semester. Anielski discussed, “The Economics of Happiness: A Road Map to Building Genuine Wealth,” on April 27, in the Undergraduate Learning Center. The Millennium Lecture Series brings speakers to the UTEP campus to address topics that impact our society, culture and lives. The lectures in this series are intended to provoke community thinking and stimulate discussion about important issues of the day.

For more videos search YouTube for Mark Anielski.

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