• Living LocalWhy does living local matter? By making choices to eat locally-produced foods, dine in local restaurants, and shop local merchants, it strengthens our local economy and creates more vibrant communities.

    When we choose to purchase from locally-owned businesses, we strengthen the local economy in ways that reach beyond their individual success. Successful businesses employ more people – people that live, work, and pay taxes in our communities – and can also offer consumers more choices and greater variety in what they purchase. And when consumers don’t have to drive across town to find what they want, their environmental impact is lessened and everyone’s quality of life is improved.

  • E-Sage (Edmontonians for a Green and Sustainable Economy) – find out about all the coolest local and green events, workshops, movie screenings, festivals, and parties happening in Edmonton.
  • Raffi: Centre for Child Honouring – be a part of the global movement that views honouring children as the best way to create sustainable, peacemaking societies.
  • Alberta Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) for 2005 (Pembina Institute) – The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) measures how well we are doing as individuals, families, communities and as a province using 51 economic, social and environmental indicators.
  • Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) – ISEE endeavours to facilitate understanding between economists and ecologists in pursuit of a vision of a sustainable future, through trans-disciplinary research and dialogue.
  • Bainbridge Graduate Institute (Washington) – believes that business—as society’s most influential institution—is a powerful force for social change.
  • International Sustainability Indicators Network (ISIN) – The network is a member-driven organization that provides people working on sustainability indicators with a method of communicating with and learning from each other.

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