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Here are examples of some of my presentations and keynote speeches on the economics of happiness that I’ve given over the years.

Wealth, Success, and Measuring Real Change: an Interview with Mark Anielski (March 20, 2014)

Here is my interview with Nadine Riopel (Centre for Social Responsibility, International Institute for Innovation and The Savvy Dogooder) in studio in Edmonton, Alberta, March 20, 2014.

Money is easy to measure. Social impact is, historically, not. This has long been a challenge for those of us working towards social responsibility in results-based environments, such as the corporate world and government.Mark Anielski offers a creative and refreshing solution to this dilemma. Drawing on his extensive background as an economist, policy analyst, and thought leader, he has developed the groundbreaking Genuine Wealth model, which is being used by businesses, governments, and communities around the world to build a new economy of well being.

Towards an Economy of Genuine Happiness: Creating flourishing Communities of Well-being, Keynote speech to the University of British Columbia (UBC) Reads Sustainability lecture series, November 20, 2013. In this keynote to UBC’s Reads Sustainability (an exciting program that brings well-known sustainability authors to our campus to engage in a campus-wide discussion), I present my vision for building flourishing communities of well-being based on Bhutan’s vision of a new economic paradigm based on well-being and happiness. I explore what makes communities in both Canada and abroad flourish and experience the most happiness. His research and consulting work in Canada, China and Tahiti evolved into what he calls Genuine Wealth, providing individuals, businesses and communities with a practical roadmap for achieving a balanced life that optimizes wealth, health and happiness. I believe that well-being will become the new bottom line of business and communities, and that progress will be measured in terms of genuine happiness.

The Economics of Genuine Happiness, Keynote at the Economics of Happiness Conference (Byron Bay, Australia), March 15, 2013 On March 15th, 2013 I gave the opening keynote address to the international Economics of Happiness conference held at Byron Bay, Australia. Hosted by Helen Norberg-Hodge, the producer of the documentary film, the Economics of Happiness. I spoke about the importance of grounding the theme of happiness and wellbeing in the original meaning of these words. Happiness comes from the Greek work eudaimonia which means ‘wellbeing of spirit’ or ‘spiritual wellbeing.’ I argue that our goal is to help build practical working models of new communities and economies of wellbeing where wealth is properly defined from the Old English word “weal-th”, meaning ‘wellbeing conditions.” Creative Mornings: On Happiness On January 11, 2013 I presented the following thoughts and ideas on the subject of Happiness to Creative Mornings Edmonton. Creative Mornings (like TED talks) is a monthly event that takes place in major cities around from New York to Madrid to Edmonton to discuss an important subject. The global theme for January 2013 was Happiness. Here is my presentation January 2013 – Mark Anielski from CreativeMornings/EDM on Vimeo.   Building A New Economy of Well-being Mark was interviewed April 5, 2012 on Russian Television’s (RT) CrossTalk hosted by Peter Lavalle on the subject of ‘Indexing Happiness.’ How legitimate is the Gross National Happiness Index? Is it possible to measure wellbeing? How serious is this index compared to GDP? What’s the use of it? Will a new way of defining progress help find new solutions to the current crises? Or is there no other way of measuring happiness other than the size of one’s pockets? CrossTalking with Saamah Abdallah, Mark Anielsky and Chris Snowdon.

TEDx St. Albert (Alberta) October 19, 2011: Building an Economy of Well-being Here is my first TEDx talk in St. Albert, Alberta on October 19, 2011 in which I present my vision for building an economy of well-being grounded in the science of happiness and using the Genuine Wealth model. This video was not taken by the hosts of the TEDx event but not fully edited, hence the absence of my slides that go with my oral presentation. Measuring What Matters: Seeking a new understanding of wealth As an associate with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) I spell out the pitfalls of relying on gross domestic product (GDP) as a measure of societal wealth. Anielski, an Edmonton-based economist, says that we need to measure the things that matter most to us to really understand how we’re doing. And by establishing a true national balance sheet and redefining progress, we can achieve greater well-being.  The economics of happiness Genuine Wealth for Education Mark served as a member of the Alberta Inspiring Education steering committee that established a 2030 vision for a new education system for Alberta. Mark notes that the word education (Latin: educate) means ‘to draw forth what is within.’ In this video interview as part of Inside Education, Mark explains what the Economics of Happiness is all about. Genuine Wealth explained In this interview carried out by Jon Cooksey the creator of the How to Boil a Frog film and website, Mark explains the concept of Genuine Wealth. The Edmonton Genuine Well-being Index To get an idea of whether humanity is making “progress” or not, Mark has prepared Genuine Progress Indictors (GPI) for Alberta, the United States and the City of Edmonton. Here he discusses Edmonton’s Genuine Well-being Index and Genuine Progress Indicators. Keynote to University of Texas (El Paso), The Economics of Happiness: A Road Map to Building Genuine Wealth The University of Texas at El Paso welcomed Mark Anielski, president of Anielski Management Inc. and adjunct professor of the School of Business at the University of Alberta, as a speaker with UTEP’s Millennium Lecture Series during the spring 2010 semester. Anielski discussed, “The Economics of Happiness: A Road Map to Building Genuine Wealth,” on April 27, in the Undergraduate Learning Center. The Millennium Lecture Series brings speakers to the UTEP campus to address topics that impact our society, culture and lives. The lectures in this series are intended to provoke community thinking and stimulate discussion about important issues of the day. Who is the Happiest of All? Mark hosted a conversation at the Edmonton Philosophers’ Café Series, February 5, 2011 titled Who is the Happiest of All? This is part of the Augustana University sponsored Philosopher’s Cafe that explored the theme: What Makes an Excellent Life?  The term “excellent” is carefully chosen here as alluding back to the Greek notion of aretē, and an excellent life is not the same as what we call the “good life.” Mark presents his vision of an Economy of Well-being and Happiness at the Climate, Mind, and Behaviour meeting at the Garrison Institute (New York), March 10 2010 Part 1 Part 2 Mark presenting on Genuine Wealth to the Alberta Rural Development Network conference, May 12, 2010 (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Mark presents his vision for building an economy of Genuine Wealth at the March 10, 2010 symposium on Climate, Mind and Behaviour at the Garrison Institute on the Hudson River in New York. Mark gave a keynote presentation to the Alberta Rural Development Network conference Creating Rural Connections, May 12, 2010 in Lethbridge, Alberta. For more videos search YouTube for Mark Anielski.

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